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We are a trading and contracting company which have earned trust and likes of the customers through unmatched services and solutions. We believe that every individual is like a hidden gold whose glitter is never exposed until you find the right place to use your talent.

Welcome to PETROGOLD QATAR a new generation Eco-friendly Company self-performing specialty and general contractors that provide a wide variety of Industrial and infrastructure construction, repair and protection services to the private and public sectors. We have hands on experience with wide range of clients. At PETROGOLD QATAR we pride ourselves on our service, commitment and safety culture. Our assignments and performance often exceed that of any other contractors in our fields resulting in healthy employees who are happy and clients who want to do more business with us. PETROGOLD QATAR is an associate company of PADMAJA SPECIALITIES, INDIA which has been in this business for decades. PADMAJA SPECIALITIES is complete solutions provider catering exclusively to the civil industry, involved in the planning and execution of major civil support projects in South and North India. With over 2 decades of experience in the Industry we have built the expertise and technology focus required for successfully implementing large scale projects.

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    Providers of high quality products those are sustainable and eco-friendly

    Petrogold QATAR is a front runner in manufacturing Eco-friendly products and we are solution providers to wide variety industrial, civil, construction works.

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    Committed solution providers

    With several years of experience and satisfied clients Petrogold Qatar is committed to industry. Our Expertise in understanding customer requirements and provide the most apt solutions and executing it in the best possible way coupled with timely delivery and commitment is our advantage.


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    High quality service

    We strive to satisfy our customers and provide excellent cost-effective solutions without compromising on Quality. Our professionals are experts in the product and solutions and will go to any length to meet deadlines and obligations of our client.

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    Technological edge in execution

    Our professional staff is well equipped with talent and knowledge in the field. Understanding the systems and issues, suggesting appropriate solutions, timely execution are our forte. No wonder we have a long list of satisfied clients.


Find the way to excellence with us. We are here to guide businesses to that extreme level of success with the support of latest technology and efficient resources. Petrogold put everything you need into a single point and make them work for your benefit. That's what we do the best.

Future can be made brighter and better by taking smart decisions. At Petrogold we bring together a group of smart people who are capable of adding power to your businesses and organizations. We have the right people with the best knowledge of the resources and latest technologies.

At Petrogold we value every individual like a treasure. Petrogold takes out the hidden glorious qualities inside every individual so that the best comes out.We also take a lot of measures to push our limitations in regular intervals. It also includes better training for our employees and experts and other activities.

Exceptional service and solutions is what differentiates Petrogold from others. Adding the gold medal to your future, Petrogold ensure your future ablaze with prosperity. We always keep good communication and understanding with our clients and thus we are able to give 100% genuine outcomes.

You gain power, confidence and excellence when joining hands with us. That's what makes you a more promising organization. We do continuous researches and studies to keep our services improve along with time. At Petrogold we will never compromise on relevance and growth. It's when every elements join together and work aligned for a single goal at a time, things get simple and easy. Time is too slow for that who waits and that is why we don't allow you to wait because our customers are our partners in our mission. Let's build a better future together.




We ensure that every professional we hire will become an asset to your organization. We have a standardized and organized approach during the recruitment process. We overcome every challenge that comes in our way by technically and logically approaching the core requirements. Our clients are our partners in making our mission work flawlessly.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing that solutions don't come from individuals alone but they are developed from experiences. Petrogold provides superlative IT based services and solutions to International and private organizations at the right time because our experts admit that the key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time.

Knowledge and understanding about the latest trends or news in the industries are crucial in making yourself ready to keep growing faster. Not all might have that knowledge but we can help you to get that done easily. Our people shall make you aware about everything that you need to know and make you choose the right path to move towards your goals quicker. It is not easy but we can make it look easy.

Get end to end solutions in the field of construction, contracting and service industry. Be it in India or Qatar you get the perfect solutions at minimum cost.

As a global leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials, we have the expertise and determination to help solve your process challenges. We are a company of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals pursuing our passion to create a material advantage for our customers.



The main idea behind Petrogold is to provide latest and promising services in an affordable and easily available manner. We have achieved this goal right from the beginning. It is the way we deal with our clients and solve the challenges that made us reach this far. As we follow the same work values even in the future works, Petrogold will surely keep going up in our performance graph.

It is our greatest privilege to work onboard with our clients. We not only just help you with our innovative solutions but we also learn things from you. Being business people, we respect each one of our clients and try to take as much as knowledge from you and make it count in our future endeavours. Till this far these strategies have worked fine and all our services are working as a mutually beneficiary process. Petrogold is using this space to thank all of those people who we worked with and also our team of professionals for such wonderful experiences. You people really made us capable and strong enough to meet any goal in the given time.


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