About Us

What we are

We are more than just an experienced market player.

Petrogold Trading and Contracting Company have been in business for a long time and have tremendous experience in civil contracting & optical fiber solutions. Petrogold Trading and Contracting Company have established itself over the years with its technical superiority and stronghold in the market. Our strategy is well defined and follows a systematic process. For the proper functioning of scheduled process, there are qualified engineers and management teams in place. Petrogold Trading and Contracting Company have always tried to be in line with the customer’s needs and satisfaction.

Petrogold had been in business for quite a long time and so we know the market climate pretty well. Truly immersed in serving our clients with the best possible solutions, we are exceptional when it comes to recruiting the best manpower resources. Our name stretches from one end of the world to other end, reaching every side of the world.

We always have an urge to find out new techniques and tricks to take our services to the next level. Even after years of working experience we are still working hard to keep ourselves fresh and innovative all the time. It is a very good advantage you get as we work as a start-up which keeps proving what we are capable consistently. Consistency is our greatest attribute not matter whether we are working with a big industry or a medium industry.

In other words, we serve everyone with the same resources and qualities. Everyone get what we do the best. We have experts who can study your requirements and status clearly and suggest the right solutions and services.

Why we are Best for you

Connection your Business to the Technology Resources you need.

Our working method and morale is completely based on the values which we believe in. Quality, responsibility and endurance are those values we stand for. We provide only quality solutions and services.


The best services and solutions can only be provided by the most qualified people. At Petrogold we have listed the most potential services that will give good advantages in your business missions. We make this work with the presence of capable people who can give out great outcomes.


By bringing together the right resources and technologies we always try to give you exceptional support and assistance you need to flourish your business. Petrogold is a company that try and establish success in every stage of the workflow. We plan things practically and make it work.


We understand the fact that you might not be aware about the services and solutions we provide in order to boost your objectives. To make you understand how things work and how it boosts your business or intentions, we will give you a comprehensive presentation that will make you feel more confident.

Our Commitment

Our Commitments are at the heart of our culture and the foundation of our strategy. At Petrogold we achieve sustainable commercial success through thoughtful market focus and superior results for customers. Our continuing evolution is fuelled by insight, innovation, collaboration and investment in people, and by our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact.

We work collaboratively

At Petrogold we connect and work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our teams and partnerships, locally and globally, allow us to explore different perspectives, to learn from each other and achieve great things together.

We keep customers at the heart of what we do

At Petrogold we listen carefully to our customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs. We respond to our customers in a dynamic way and focus on delivering outstanding experiences.

We are bold

At Petrogold we innovate and encourage entrepreneurship in order to serve our customers better. We harness the creative and competitive energies that we generate from our diversity. We are forward-thinking and explore possibilities and embrace change.

We do the right thing

At Petrogold being an ethical, sustainable business is central to how we behave, how we make decisions and how we do business every day. We are proud of the positive impact we have on each other, our communities and on wider society.


Best Company in the Market

Find the way to excellence with us. We are here to guide businesses to that extreme level of success with the support of latest technology and efficient resources. Petrogold put everything you need into a single point and make them work for your benefit. That's what we do the best.

We offer a complete range of professional building and structural repair services adhering to international standards and to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Our trained and highly professional staff can be used for solving the hardest structural issues you might be up against. Cost effective services without compromising on Quality is our strength and attraction. Our commitment and superior service performance and responsible delivery adds more clients to our list. Experience on the most demanding projects has enabled us to take on the most challenging of tasks. We provide you with the best trained, best equipped and safest team for your job.


“PETROGOLD QATAR will be recognized as no.1 contractor of choice specializing in restoration and corrosion, protection of concrete and other structural and process assets, Corrosion resistant linings, Industrial coatings, Rehab of bridges, Concrete cutting/sizing, Water proofing, Gunniting, Flooring solutions for industrial process, Oil and Gas, Environmental, Power and Marine markets in Gulf and Indian Sub continent. Our reputation will reflect highest levels of safety, honesty, integrity, professionalism and fairness in our relationship with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other associates. We will have firm faith in growing together and will help grow others.”
“Abide by the business laws & values and go to any length to satisfy our clients in accordance with the standards set and meet our obligations. Provide superior performance in delivering our specialized services, cost effective solutions through well trained, safe, responsible team of technical staff meeting expectations and gaining trust establishing lasting relationship. Provide a rewarding, fulfilling and safe work environment to our people that is customer-focused , encourages mutual-respect and work culture focused on team-atmosphere and personal development and growth."
“We are leaders in this unique niche where our services are in high demand. While undertaking projects we ensure that safety, convenience and professionalism are given top priority. Our commitment is to ensure that the job is done well and solutions are delivered as promised. We have been responsible for strengthening of bridges, restoration of building structures, waterproofing of critical basement and terrace areas, protective coatings to steel fabricated structures, artificial waterbody construction for landscaping and green building concepts, strengthening and re-laying of rail girders and many more such specialized applications.”


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